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Happy Solstice, DC!

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‘shields up’
courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

I don’t much care for winter. It’s not the cold (though that’s no fun), and it’s not the snow, it’s the lack of daylight. The days that don’t get bright until 7:30 and get dim again at 4:30. I just can’t handle that little light. So, celebrate, my fellow seasonally-affected folks, for today is the shortest day of the year. At just 9.4 hours of daylight, we’re won’t see a day this short for another year. It’s a long way back to 12 hours, yes, but each day gives us valuable seconds and minutes of daylight that will brighten our souls and lives.

Until then, perhaps warm your soul with a little Nocino, house-made at Room 11? They’ll start pouring tonight at 5pm. It’s supposed to be a real treat. See you there?