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Nordstrom Rack to Open in Pentagon Centre

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I really hate shopping for clothes. Partly because everything I buy has to get altered to fit me, and partly because I would rather spend my money on important things. Like electronics. But when I need something, I start with Nordstrom (who I swear is not paying me to say this), because they carry stuff that is flattering to ladies who are, shall we say, voluptuous like I am, IN the store instead of banishing the fat girls to the website, the staff is always incredibly helpful, and you can get your stuff altered to fit properly before you even take it home.

The only way it could get better is with perpetual sales prices. Fortunately, in Fall 2010 a Nordstrom Rack location is opening in Pentagon Centre, that funny little half-mall across the street from Pentagon City. It’ll be directly across from the main Nordstrom’s location. I am thrilled.

I am a realist and do not expect the same level of service and attention from the Rack staff, but I checked, and Nordstrom Rack does offer alterations AND plus sizes, so… I might actually learn to tolerate clothes shopping.