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Panda Updates: Nothing New at Home, but Butterstick is Happy

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‘panda national’
courtesy of ‘christaki’

It’s too easy to be overly-clever while writing stories related to panda pregnancies (what, you couldn’t have gone opened with “one bamboo stick or two?” Come on!). Regardless of pregnancy test ledes, NBC Washington is reporting that this edition of “Mei Xiang Pregnancy Watch” is…still going on. According to the report, scientists at the National Zoo are not confirming if it’s a “no” or a “yes,” for the aging bear, so it looks the watch will continue for now.

We’ve already had to say farewell to our beloved Tai Shan in the early part of this year, and with the 10-year-loan on Mei Xiang and Tian-Tian soon to run out and the pandas sent back to China, this may be the last chance for a new cub here in the District. At least it sounds like Butterstick is enjoying his first time free from quarantine after returning to the home land.

The suspense is brutal back here at home, though so keep your fingers crossed that a new cub could be on the way.