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Update on Penn Camera

Photo courtesy of Mr. T in DC
Leica M7 Camera at Wonderland
courtesy of Mr. T in DC

A quick update on our previous story about Penn Camera. Their clearance sale is now on. Check out their webpage, but the relevant info is, “10% off all cameras and lenses; 30% off all dark room and cases; 50% off all albums and frames.” As previously reported, the clearance sale is only at the E Street, Rockville, and Tysons (all their other stores have been closed). Also, here’s info on how to retrieve repairs and processed film.

I’m still hoping to get more information about their long term plans, particularly with their photo classes and rental services. I’ll update as more info becomes available.

UPDATE (1/10/12): Seems Penn has updated their clearance sale. As of today, it is now, “20% off all dark room and cases; 30% off all albums and frames.”

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The Day the Shutter Died

Photo courtesy of ivan | sciupac
Holga CFN 120
courtesy of ivan | sciupac

January 4th 2012 was not a good day for the DC photography community. As is common knowledge, local photography chain Penn Camera filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday, closing the majority of their stores. Their long term future is uncertain. In addition, Eastman Kodak, the film company who’s name is synonymous with photography, is reported to be close to filing for bankruptcy as well. Either piece of news is bad; taken together, it’s hard for anyone who is a photographer not to go hug their SLR, film or digital. Continue reading

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Camera Adventures in DC

Light-up Reindeer

Light-up Reindeer

I’ve been in the market for a new camera for about 3 months. I’m a Canon guy (sorry Ben Rome, I know your love of Nikon is holy and chaste), and I’d been vacillating between an XSi and a 40D or a 50D. That is, until I came to hold a 5D Mark II. See, this isn’t just a camera, it’s an extension of God’s own eyes. Anyhow, enough hyperbole.

The problem with new cameras is that, chances are, for everyone who’s come to a decision about one, there are a dozen more who are rabidly awaiting the new body like some people wait for Christmas, or concert tickets or the second coming of Christ. When I’d made up my mind, I was behind each and every one of them. When I called Penn Camera to ask about availability, the guy did his very best not to laugh at me. He also failed. He told me it would be February or March before they’d have one for me. While chortling, just a little.

Fortunately, though, I found Dominion Camera in Falls Church. They had one last 5D that was unclaimed, as the person who’d asked for it hadn’t ever showed, and hadn’t left a deposit. After a quick drive over, their staff was amazing. They were actually busy, with several people in the shop asking all kinds of camera questions, from inexpensive point-and-shoot to expensive-DSLR, they were very knowledgeable. So, thanks Dominion, both for not laughing, and also for selling me my sweet new camera. Click on that photo above, then click Original resolution and you can see just how sweet this is going to be.