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Still Unconstitutional. Will it matter?

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The Washington Times is reporting that the court has declined to review their earlier decision en banc, leaving it to stand that the Trinidad roadblocks are unconstitutional. A request for a hearing before all the justices, rather than just three, is the normal next step after losing a decision at the appellate level. The city could opt now to appeal to the supreme court but the vast majority of requests to the SC are denied, leaving the city in a quandry.

Or perhaps not. The city’s record in actually honoring decisions against it are not so fantastic. The Heller handgun decision explicitly mentioned semi-automatic handguns but the initial revised restrictions attempted to continue banning them. Just a month ago the city lost a case in arbitration regarding the union agreement and the “All Hands on Deck” operations but Chief Lanier indicated they had no intention of stopping. Perhaps the city will just opt to ignore this decision as well.