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We Love Music: Mike Peters (of The Alarm) @ Gypsy Sally’s — 8/7/14

SONY DSCMike Peters and his bandmates met with their new manager one day some 30-odd years ago, and told him they already were done being a supporting act.

“From now on, we only headline shows. We don’t want to be a supporting act,” the members of The Alarm said to their sympathetic manager.

Very soon, however, he called them back with an offer they really might want to consider–opening for U2 on their tour in support of the album October. Gobsmacked, Peters nonetheless reluctantly began to explain the band should stand behind their manifesto. But before they could turn down the deal, drummer Nigel Twist grabbed the phone and shouted, “Of course, we’ll do it!”

The tour was successful, and U2 invited The Alarm to tour with them in America well, introducing their Welch friends to the United States. The bands remained friends through the years, and U2 recorded a cover of The Alarm’s “Blaze of Glory” for a BBC Radio Wales special on the 30th anniversary of The Declaration, the first-full length album from the band, which aired in April.

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Music, The Features, We Love Music

Hot Ticket: Peter Frampton @ Lincoln Theatre, 7/8/14

Deep Purple In Concert“Ooh baby, I love your way, everyday
I wanna tell you I love your way, every way
I wanna be with you night and day, ooh yeah”

Everybody over 30 likely recognizes the lyrics to “Baby, I Love Your Way,” arguably the biggest hit from English guitar hero Peter Frampton.

And arguably, Frampton will play this classic, which itself turns 40 years old next year, when he comes to town on July 8 to perform at the Lincoln Theatre in DC!

Here’s a live rendition of it from a relatively recent performance at a radio station:

A glance at recent setlists by Frampton reveal that he plays his own classics as well as occasionally some surprising covers, like “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden? And “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by the Beatles.

Those of us who have the young Frampton (circa his hit live album, Frampton Comes Alive!) stuck in our heads may recall that he has an association with the Beatles through his performance with the Bee Gees in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

It’s on avaialable on Netflix and for rent on YouTube (through UniversalMovies) if you’re looking for something to completely distract yourself late, late at night sometime. :)

Peter Frampton
The Lincoln Theatre
Tuesday, July 8
doors @6:30pm
$55-$75 and VIP $175
All ages