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Kill The Tow Truck: Avoid Snow Emergency Routes & Rush Hour Parking

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‘Tow Truck in the post blizzard mayhem on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.’
courtesy of ’emilydickinsonridesabmx’

During last night’s commute home, I saw plenty of drivers pull their  cars off to the side of the road, get out and start walking home.  This was a fantastic idea, especially for those headed north up steep, steep Wisconsin Avenue NW. Lots of spinning tires going nowhere. Sigh.

However, now that the snow has stopped cars parked on major roadways need to be moved so plows can get our thoroughfares up in fully running. And although DC didn’t declare a Snow Emergency, emails have gone out to DC neighborhood listservs stating that cars may be towed from Snow Emergency Routes for the tune of $375 in fines, and that cars parked along Rush Hour Routes could be fined $100 between the hours 7-9:30am and 4-6:30pm.

I’m not sure how the Snow Emergency fines can be leeved considering there wasn’t a snow emergency, but personally I wouldn’t risk it. So if you’re unsure if you left your car on a Snow Emergency Route, look into it. Your wallet will be happy that you did.

If your car has been towed, you can call: 202-541-6083 or visit to find where it’s been towed to.