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We Love Music: Sanders Bohlke

Photo Credit: Caleb Chancey

Photo Credit: Caleb Chancey

There’s something enchanting about an artist who can fill a room with just his voice, his guitar, and give you goosebumps. Sanders Bohlke is one of those artists. Several years have passed since his debut folk album was first issued, but Bohlke now finds himself with a new album – “Ghost Boy” – which was released earlier this year. He’s also on a national tour with fellow singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata at the moment.

Bohlke has been praised for his passion and honesty when it comes to songwriting and performance which is likely how he ended up on tour with Yamagata who has a similar reputation. You can catch the pair live at The Birchmere this Monday (July 8).

You released “Ghost Boy” — your first full-length album in years — this February. How does it feel to have a new full-length release under your belt and what does this album mean to you as an artist?

This album in particular means a lot because it took a long time to create.  Between my first and second full-lengths, I went through so many phases artistically. For Ghost Boy, I honed in on material that I loved as a group.

I also feel like I have a better understanding of what it takes to create a record from start to finish.  I enjoyed it.

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