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Where to Watch the Game

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‘2010 BCS Championship 2010 BCS Championship Logo’
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Unless you live in a cave, or genuinely care about nothing sports related, you’re probably aware that the BCS Championship Game is this evening.  And, if you have even an inkling of football fanaticism, you’re probably planning on watching it. Year to year, the BCS Title is a clash of the titans, and one of the highlights of the football season.  This year pits the Texas Long Horns against the Alabama Crimson Tide.  I’ll leave analysis and predictions to others and focus on the most practical of matters: where to watch the game.  I’m going to assume that you’re already aware of the “my house” and the “my friend’s house” options, so here are a few suggestions in case you want to leave the living room.  If you’re not a real sports bar type, big game nights are excellent for branching out.  In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the places below:
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