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We Love Arts: Seussical

Attending a performance of Imagination Stage’s Seussical marked a new milestone in my career as a pretend theatre critic (I say pretend because I’m no Peter Marks… yet.) It was the first show where I could say that the majority of the audience were younger than me. Much younger. Usually it is the other way around. That’s the norm when it comes to Children’s Theatre. 12 years later from it’s original Broadway debut, the musical based on the works of Dr. Seuss continues to delight crowds wherever it’s produced thanks to Seuss’ continued purveyance in Children’s literature.

Imagination Stage brings Seuss’ world to life in a way that’s sure to engage even today’s digital age youngsters. With the holidays in full swing, Seussical is the perfect answer for families looking for a wholesome entertainment experience this winter.

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