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H Street Country Club Offers Competitive Skeeball – Sign Up Now!

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‘Skeeball League – Score! – 01-10-10’
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Registration for the spring “skeeson” of competitive Skeeball at H Street Country Club is now open! Rally the troops (aka your closest pals and drinking buddies) or sign up on your own (the Skeeball folks are happy to place you with a group that has an open spot) for a rousing 8 week round of  head-to-head Skeeball combat in NE DC.

What better way to bring you back to the glory days of your youth than with Sunday and Tuesday night Skeeball challenges starting April 11? Dave & Buster’s might be a close second, but really … come on … SKEEBALL? Sounds awesome.

Plus – there’s $3 Bud Lights, $5 Margaritas and discounted food!

8-12 players make a team, but 12-15 is recommended.

Visit the United Skeeball Association (yes, there is such a thing) webpage for more details.

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Sno-cones and Skeeball Tonight

Live, Work, Create by gorbomb

If you’re wondering what to do tonight, look no further than Play-Live-Work, a fun event to promote a design competition that could earn you $500!  The idea is to come up with a cool way to use a space as both a home and a workplace.  If your design wins, you get 500 bucks and your design will be staged in a Solea condo at 14th & Florida Ave NW.  Read more about it and enter at Define Live-Work.

But wait, there’s more!  Tonight’s event is sponsored by The Pink Line Project and will feature spinning by DJ Gold, sno-cones, a ring toss, Krazy Kans, a big mouth toss, and skeeball.  Seriously, sno-cones and skeeball?  In the heart of DC?  If that doesn’t have you hooked, I don’t know what will.

July 21, 6 to 8pm
1405 Florida Avenue NW