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August 12, 2010: The Day The Rainpocalypse Came

Photo courtesy of
‘when cars and trees collide’
courtesy of ‘rebeccaejohnson’

Well that was one hell of a wake up call.

Around 8am this morning the entire DC area experience what we at WeLoveDC are calling “The Rainpocalypse.” The thunderstorm swept through the city and surrounding vicinity leaving streets covered in small and, as shown above, large tree branches. It also caused the temporary closure of three Metro stations (Silver Spring, Forest Glen and Cleveland Park). The storm is also the cause of “tens of thousands of outages” according to Pepco’s website.

The Capital Weather Gang’s radar map shows the storm entering DC at around  7:30am and quickly exiting into PG country around 8:30am. If  you somehow slept through the rainpocalyspe that happened in and around 8am this morning, frankly I’m gobsmacked.

Update, 9:29am: We’re also getting multiple reports and photos of flash floods at 15th & Constitution and other locations in the city.

Alexandria, The Great Outdoors, Where We Live, WTF?!

Nature’s Fury: Braddock Road Edition

photo by author.

Alexandria got hit hard by yesterday’s freak storm.The worst hit area seemed to be the North/South stretch of Braddock Road between Old Town and Route 7. That stretch looked like it had been hit by a mini-tornado; trees down, roads closed, cars and homes struck. In the several hours it took me to drive home from DC last night, I got a tour of some pretty spectacular storm damage. Here are some shots I took that I think give a pretty good impression of how strong this storm was.

Stare in awe at the aftermath of nature’s fury.

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