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Swine Flu at AU

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‘Travelling with Swine Flu’
courtesy of ‘Diego Cupolo’

Caitlin, one of our readers, alerted us to a case of H1N1 at America University.  I will now pause briefly to allow you to panic.

Good? Ok! Media relations at AU sent out this press release detailing the situation.  Apparently, an employee is at home sick with the swine flu. Students, faculty and staff that were in contact with the infected individual have been notified and advised of steps that they can take to avoid contracting the illness.  I would like to remind our readers that despite what CNN, MSNBC and FOX News would like you to believe, H1N1 is not, in fact, the harbinger of doom for our civilization.  Symptoms are similar to the seasonal flu and people generally recover from it within a few days.