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We Love Arts: Jason Wright

Jason Wright, Artist – Image Courtesy of Jason Wright

You normally don’t here the terms extreme sports and art in the same sentence, so I was quite intrigued when I heard about Jason Wright’s show called Take You Home – on display at Gallery Plan B. You see, Wright lives the dual-lifestyle of professional skydiver (check out the video below) and knife painter, effortlessly swooping in-and-out of each role, and drawing inspiration from these experiences in order to bring something fresh to the art scene.  In this interview, Wright talks with WLDC about his work, his passion for life, and what it is like to live in D.C. every summer.

We Love DC:  How did you get to be where you are today? Artist and professional athlete isn’t the most common title to have.

Jason Wright: I grew up in Hawaii, and Hawaii is still home for me.  While living there I was completely immersed in that culture, skateboarding and surfing all the time.  It was at this point that art fused with me and I began illustrating for skateboards.  In that kind of art culture you also get to experience things like music (I was in multiple bands) and even the culinary arts (I wanted to be a chef at one poskyint), the art world is very friendly and was a perfect fit for my free spirited type of personality.  I always followed my own path in life and let my passion lead the way.  Next, I ventured into snowboarding and becskause of injury it was taken away from me, but all of the traveling I got to do at the professional level was good for inspiration – meeting different people and attending different galleries.

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