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The Winning Ticket: M3 Rock Festival

As a way to say thanks to our loyal readers, We Love DC will be giving away a pair of tickets to a concert to one lucky reader each week. Check back here every Wednesday morning at 9am to find out what tickets we’re giving away and leave a comment for your chance to be the lucky winner!

This week we are giving away double trouble with a sweet two-part M3 Rock Festival Prize Pack. That’s right, one lucky winner gets a pair of tickets to the M3 Rock Festival Kix-Off Party on Friday, May 13th AND a pair of tickets to the day long 80’s rock extravaganza M3 Rock Fest on Saturday May 14th!

Between these two epic parties you’ll catch the likes of Kix, Whitesnake, Lita Ford, Tesla, Slaughter, Warrant, L.A. Guns, the one and only Sebastian Bach, and many more! That’s more hair metal than you can shake a can of Aquanet at! So enter to win tickets to this insane event that celebrates the days when Metal meant crushing a beer can on your forehead, driving donuts in a Firebird in the High School parking lot, and playing air guitar to music made by men who had spent more time on their hair than the ladies! This one’s going to be be balls to the wall, wicked awesome, and seriously bitchin’!

For your chance to win these tickets simply leave a comment on this post using a valid email address between 9am and 4pm today. One entry per email address, please. If today doesn’t turn out to be your lucky day, check back here each Wednesday for a chance to win tickets to other great concerts. Tickets for this concert are available on Ticketfly.

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425 Mass Ave adds electric charging station

Tesla & Charging Station

Electric cars are finally becoming more a reality, between the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt (though the Volt is cheating), and the Tesla Roadster, we’re seeing more and more places starting to build electric cars for the consumer market.  Of course, the biggest problem with the electric vehicle, though they’ve been around for 100 years, is carrying enough juice to get from place to place.

Just two months ago, DC got its first public charging station, and today, DC got its first private charging station, in the swank apartment building at 425 Mass Ave NW. The apartment complex run by Equity Group normally has all their electric and wiring work done by the same company which you can get a hold of if you navigate to this website. Now in preparing for the future, they have added the first of what they hope is many Coulomb ChargePoint stations supplied by Car Charging Group which will support two cars in special spaces in their garage.

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