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Our Time Is Now, Georgetown

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‘Georgetown Waterfront’
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In Monday’s print edition of the Express, there was an article called “Reclaim Your Territory” by Fiona Zublin. (If the Express web site wasn’t so darn hard to use, I’d be able to find it and link to you, but I quit after 5 minutes of searching. But that is a whole ‘nother Daily Feed.) The article gleefully stated that since this past weekend was the end of the Georgetown school year, and the summer interns haven’t descended upon DC quite yet, those of you usually skittish of M Street and Wisconsin should head there now to take part in the momentary peace.

I’ll second this suggestion to head to G-town, but up the ante on recommendations. Zublin said to head over to Third Edition and Paulo’s, but I’m going to go farther out on a limb, since I don’t think of Paulo’s as generally mobbed by the GU crowd. I have to admit, some of my most fun nights of going all-out have been at Mr. Smiths, and if I can do that without getting hit on by a 20-year old psych major? Yes, please.

I’m also partial to the Georgetown waterfront, you all know how I feel about things on the water, though after a weird night at the beginning of last summer with a slightly euro-trashy main-chain-wearing crowd, I haven’t returned since. I’d happily give it a go during this down time. So what about you? Any Georgetown bars or places you’d like to hit up while we’ve got a respite from the ususal smattering of denim mini skirts and Miller Lite drinking frat boys?