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British Food For Under $10

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courtesy of ‘Jenn Larsen’

But really, isn’t $10 all British food is worth? (Ouch, I guess I’m snarky today.) But whatever, point is: CommonWealth, the People’s Gastropub in Columbia Heights  now offers two affordable lunches perfect for the busy weekday. Available Monday through Friday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., The Local and The Ploughman’s Lunch specials feature Executive Chef Jamie Leeds British-inspired and American-bred classics.

Sigh, I love thrifty deals.

The Local includes a half of the daily sandwich, a mug of house-made soup or a house salad and half a pint, tea/coffee or soft drink for $10. The Ploughman’s Lunch is “inspired from the bygone era, when a ploughman packed his lunch with classic readily available items that would keep while he worked in the fields”. CommonWealth’s Ploughman’s Lunch includes surrey ham, wildflower cheddar, pickled cabbage, apple and freshly baked bread for $9. I don’t know when a plowman ever picked a pig out in the field, but I get the drift. 

I’ve never been, personally, to Commonwealth but it’s on my ever-growing list. WLDC Author Jenn quite likes it, so I think you should be all set to spend time out on their patio this spring, enjoying your cheap lunch with a side of chess or checkers.