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DMV’s Ticket Amnesty Program End January 27

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If you own a car in the District, you are probably quite familiar with that sinking feeling upon returning to your vehicle and seeing that little piece of paper tucked behind your windshield wiper, with its red underside just glaring and sticking its tongue out at you. Hey, at least they didn’t tow your car. And maybe you forgot about that last ticket or angrily shoved it in a drawer somewhere thinking to yourself that you were really “sticking it to the man.”

Well, all those tickets have to be paid eventually; and if you were issued a parking, moving violation or photo-enforcement ticket prior to January 1, 2010, you can pay it off without any late fees. You can pay online or over the phone at 866-893-5023. Additionally, you can pay in person at the DMV Adjudication Services located at 301 C Street, NW, open from 8:15 AM til 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

The Ticket Amnesty Program ends on January 27, 2012.