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Jammin’ Java Sings About Love On Valentine’s Day

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‘Is Love in the Cards? (218/365) (064/365) [Explored]’
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If you’re looking for an alternative to the standard Valentine’s Day celebration of candle lit dinners, card and candy exchanges, and the occasional (yet awkward) first date, look no further than Jammin’ Java‘s “All You Need is Love Songwriter’s Circle Tribute to the Beatles and Love Songs“.

Singer-songwriters Shane Hines (of Shane Hines and the Trance), Anthony Fiacco (of The Blackjacks), Todd Wright, and Luke Brindley all give credit where credit is due on this day devoted to acknowledging love — a heartfelt tribute to The Beatles and the other music makers who gave us ways to sing about our love instead of just talking about it.

This intimate night makes room for the performers to share their tales of love and music in a “VH1 Storytellers” setting. So if anything, audience members are guaranteed a night of honesty in song and honesty in word from some local favorites taking the stage.