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No, MPD, the Constitution Still Applies in Trinidad

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That’s the word from the US Circuit Court, which refused to hear the case en banc, with seven of the eight judges voting that the three judge panel ruled correctly that MPD’s attempt to cordon off Trinidad from all but the residents of the neighborhood was unconstitutional.

There’s just one avenue of appeal left: The Supreme Court, just up the street. AG Nickles might have a receptive audience there, given the makeup of the court, but I wouldn’t bet on the District just yet.

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We Love Drinks: Jimmy Valentine’s

Third Eye

"Third Eye" by Jenn Larsen, on Flickr

I swear time stops at Jimmy Valentine’s. It’s like an alternate universe, a wormhole, a gap in space. Every crazy visit reinforces the feeling that I’m Alice – diving through the looking glass while holding tightly to Hunter S. Thompson’s hand.

Or maybe it’s just that it’s a cracking good bar located in what many people would consider to be the NE wasteland. I’d hazard to guess that Trinidad isn’t high on the radar for any but the most adventurous night owls, though that’s changing radically with H Street’s success. Because of the location, a night out at Jimmy Valentine’s requires a certain commitment. The owners are committed as well, to keeping it grounded with locals as a place to hang out and have a good time, with a vibe that’s almost defiantly pretension-free.  

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How Can I Stop What Isn’t Going On?!

That’s the gist of what Judge Richard Leon is saying in response to the request from the Partnership for Civil Justice, who want the program that debuted DC’s Trinidad neighborhood from ever being used again. Specifically, he raised the concern that since there’s no current implementation of the “Neighborhood Safety Zones” plan, where exactly would he enjoin the MPD from operating?

Looks like we get to see this one played out only after the MPD tries to put the cordon up around another of DC’s neighborhoods.