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Hot Ticket: Virgin Mobile FreeFest 9/25/10

As most music fans in the DC area and beyond already know, this weekend’s Virgin Mobile FreeFest, featuring the very now sounds of just about every “it” band of the moment, “free’d out” in a hot minute when the free tickets became available earlier this summer. Congrats if you are one of the lucky thousands who scored tix.

If you are one of the tens of thousands who failed to get tickets and are now scouring Craigslist for a friendless individual to tag along with, fear not, you may not have to resort to pimping yourself out to weird Steve who has an extra ticket but has no one to go with because he smells like cheese. Virgin Mobile is also selling tickets to their festival and they come with a ton of perks.

The VIPavilion ticket costs $125 and provides things like exclusive Pavilion seating under-the-hood at Merriweather, access to early parking, VIP bars, a back-stage tour, a free t-shirt and poster, access to the official after-party, and more. Charging for a “FreeFest” doesn’t seem very Free to me, but hey it gets you access to a comfortable spot to see some of the hottest bands on the planet without getting breathed on by stinky Steve all day.

Tickets are available over at Ticketfly.