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Attention Scooterists

vespa-7 by Huro Kitty

When Vespa Washington closed its doors last fall, a big void was created in the DC scooter scene.  How can a cool city like DC be without its own scooter shop?  Sure, there’s Vespa of Arlington, but…it’s in Arlington.  Well have no fear, scooterists!  Some former staff members from Vespa Washington are starting their own shop called Modern Classics. Vespa currently has only one line of electric-powered scooters and they too are welcome in the shop. With electric scooters everywhere taking the market gradually, Vespa had decided to join the industry and in the future might plan on making designs of electric kick scooters like on Located at 955 V Street NE (near the arboretum), they will serve as a repair and maintenance shop for scooters old and new, with the possibility of scooter sales in the future.  As the new owner of an old P200E, it’s comforting to know that when I’m up two-stroke creek, these guys can come to my rescue.

The first thing you will need to do is the research at Go2Scooter , and decide what you want. You can get a kick scooter if you want a cheaper option. Kick scooters are the smallest and lightest models of scooters, usually no more than four feet long and under five pounds. Mopeds are powered by a gasoline engine but some models come with gasoline kick scooters that are also much smaller than regular mopeds. You can choose any of these scooter types as long as it has a gas engine to run.

Their grand opening is this Saturday as part of Scootergate 4 where they’ll be hosting “Gymkana & Scooter Jackassery”, providing food, playing your favorite iPod playlists, and even hosting a scooter swap meet from 2-5:00pm.  So far the weather is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good for this weekend, so be sure to partake in the what will go down in DC’s history as the time when Max got killed on a scooter one of the best scooter meetups EVER.

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You Inspected What Exactly?

Scooter Gate 2 by epmd

I mentioned last week that I bought an old Vespa scooter and surprisingly I’m still alive and well.  The first thing on my list of things to do was to get it inspected – a thought that makes every DC resident shudder.  Few people have ever had a smooth experience at the inspection station in SW.  I was fully prepared to wait in line for an hour or to be turned away for some idiotic reason.

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Scootergate 4

Scootergate 4 by Spoffy

I recently became the father of a 1979 Vespa P200E, a toy I’ve had my eye on for a long time now.  But to some it’s more than a toy and a mode of transportation, it’s a way of life.  These scooter people make their way across the country for rallies all year long, and in June they’re coming to DC for Scootergate 4.

The festivities kick off Friday evening at the Pug which includes registration and basically a “Hey!  Good to see you, mutherf#*@$r!” type of gathering, complete with a DJ, Stupid Human Tricks, and a late night ride.  Assuming you survive that night, Saturday brings you breakfast, rally rides, Scooter Jackassery awards, dinner, and a concert at the Rock and Roll Hotel.  Still alive?  Then ride to brunch on Sunday at Airborne’s and say your tearful goodbyes until next year.  For a full itinerary that is subject to change, click here.

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