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Skins’ Cerrato Resigns

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courtesy of ‘Tony DeFilippo’

I’m sure these two fans are very happy this morning as Vinnie Cerrato has resigned this morning according the ESPN 980. Cerrato was the Executive Vice President in charge of Football Operations and has been calling the plays for the Skins since they moved that responsibility from Jim Zorn several weeks ago shots in the front office for the team.

It’s not immediately clear who will replace Cerrato, but I’m hearing that there will be a press conference at Redskins Park this afternoon to discuss the situation. As soon as we know more, you will, too. Cerrato has been a controversial figure for the Skins this season, and his departure will likely be hailed by many as a long time coming, This season has been very disappointing for the Skins, and likely Vinny’s taking the blame for poor performance on the field. Good choice? That remains to be seen.