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Seeing Through the Lens of Award-Winning Photographer Carol Guzy

Carol Guzy with her Dog Trixie, who was rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Carol Guzy with her Dog Trixie, who was rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, photo by Will Dolive

By Michael T. Ruhl

You wouldn’t know just casually talking to Carol Guzy that she’s a world class photographer who works for the Washington Post. The humble four-time Pulitzer Prize winner sits quietly in her Arlington home, tending to her dogs, two of which she rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Her living room walls stand largely devoid of her photos, and she doesn’t even display her Pulitzer Prizes. The only indicators of a photographer in that room are a few old cameras sitting on the shelves. Her passion isn’t advertised, but poke her and she bleeds. Continue reading

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Breaking: WaPo to Sell Newsweek

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‘Newsweek Logo Process – Jim Parkinson’
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In a post to Newsweek, Washington Post Co., the magazine’s owner, has announced that it has retained a firm to guide the sale of the weekly newsmagazine. Newsweek has been around since 1933, and it was purchased by WaPo in 1961.  In the statement, Donald E. Graham, chairman of the organization, cited that the magazine has been losing money for several years, and stands to also lose in 2010 “despite heroic efforts on the part of NEWSWEEK’s [sic] management and staff.”

UPDATE 12:26: A report from The Awl indicates that Newsweek’s editor, Jon Meacham, is planning on lining up financiers to bid on the publication.

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Not helping your cause

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‘Dr. Schreiber of San Augustine giving a typhoid innoculation at a rural school, San Augustine County, Texas (LOC)’
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Today’s WaPo has an article on some area doctors who are asking patients to sign agreements prohibiting them from making any statements in any media outlet without prior authorization.  I find the idea comic myself – I’d be out the door looking for another physician before I was done laughing at their chutzpah – but the real gold in the article comes from a DC-area doctor who didn’t necessarily take the side of the agreements.

“The people least capable of judging quality of care are patients,” said District internist Nancy Falk, whose mostly positive ratings are offset by those calling her curt and intolerant of questions, descriptions she denies. “They don’t know what we know.” Falk regards doctor rating sites as just as dubious as “Best Doctors” compilations. In her view, both amount to popularity contests.

then at the conclusion of the article…

Although many doctors are unenthused about online ratings, Falk, the District internist, said she would support a different kind of site.

“I’d love to have a Web site where I could complain about patients,” she said. “All doctors would.”

Hard to imagine this is a person who was called curt and intolerant of questions.

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Wherefore art thou, Express?

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‘Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow…’
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So maybe it was just me, but the Express was missing from my morning commute today. At my Metro entrance station this morning, there was a lone Examiner hander-outer man, and I only saw Examiners on the trains this morning. By the time I got to Union Station, there weren’t any Express papers in the paper stands, nor were there any Express hander-outer men (there are usually two!). I know some of you will understand my morning paper woes, the Examiner just doesn’t do it for me in the mornings, I want my Express!

Did you get your Express this morning? Was it just a weird coincidence that I couldn’t land one myself?

UPDATE 3:04 p.m. – WLDC author Tom just heard from Molly at the Washington Post, who reports that “today’s Express order was cut due to icy road conditions throughout the area. Normal distribution will resume tomorrow.” PHEW! Don’t play with me like that, Express!