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Featured Photo

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‘Washington Kastles vs Kansas City Explorers | Christina McHale’
courtesy of ‘Paul Frederiksen’

A good sport shot is a hard thing to get. First, you need a good angle on the action, which is very hard to come by; the best angles tend to be reserved for the pros. Then you need patience to see the sequence that will get you the shot you want. You’ll also need a good knowledge of the sport you’re shooting; that way you can anticipate when the shot is coming up and not waste time and energy. Oh, and you have to get it quick, because the right moment in sports is measured in milliseconds.

Paul’s picture of Kansas City Explorer’s star Christina McHale is an excellent example of sports photography. The shot is right at the moment of the backhand, perfectly capturing the power of the swing. In fact, when I look at the shot, I think of this more as a wildlife photo of a lion or horse in motion, with all of the tense muscles and the look of concentration on her face. Truly, a great shot!

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What will McEnroe do this time?

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‘The Serve’
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Tonight, the Kastles play host to the New York Sportimes in World Team Tennis at the Kastles tennis court over at 11th and H Street. Last time John McEnroe came down to DC, there was a huge kerfuffle between McEnroe and Kastles’ star Leander Paes, focused around an errant tennis ball’s final resting place. The ensuing bench-clearing incident included McEnroe’s teammate Robert Kendrick calling Kastles’ player Olga Puchkova a bitch. Yeah, it’s an intense time at World Team Tennis.

Anyhow, tonight brings the controversial McEnroe back to DC to face the Kastles. The Kastles need every point they can get at this crucial moment in the season. The team is second in the East, just half a match ahead of the third place Boston Lobsters in a fight for the second playoff spot in the division. A victory tonight would put them within a half match of the Sportimes with just two matches to go, nearly assuring them of post-season action. Tickets are available at the door for tonight’s match, which starts at 7pm. Your guess is as good as ours as to what will happen when McEnroe takes the court tonight. What’s the craziest that could happen?