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Giveaway: Worn Magazine is Back!

All Photographs by Max Cook for We Love DC.

People say that bigger does not always mean better.   However, in the case of Worn Magazine’s second issue – this statement could not be any less true.  With 52 pages of glossy, DC-centric fashion, 60-plus original photographs, and the introduction of contributing writers, Worn magazine is bigger, better, and, most definitely, brighter than ever.

With the success of the inaugural issue, Worn Magazine has continued to deliver on their promise – “to bring greater awareness of local fashion and art to the District and to the nation” – by making the focus of their fall/winter 2010/2011 issue to be on the artists who are trying to make it in DC.   Nicole Aguirre, Worn’s Editor-in-Chief explains it best in her editor’s letter.

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