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He’s like Bill Nye the Science Guy, but for your kitchen.

Coming to the DC area on the 18th of January, your favorite TV chef and mine (well, mine anyway): Alton Brown!

AB will be at the Clarendon Barnes & Noble at noon on the 18th, and the Bailey’s Crossroads Borders at 7:30 PM for signing, Q&A and general kitchen geekery. Get all the details here.

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Person Stuck Under Orange Line Train

WASHINGTON – Authorities at Metro are reporting a person is trapped under an Orange line train at the Metro Center station in the District.

– Via WTOP News.

This sounds deeply deeply unpleasant. I took the Metro over to Farragut West today and the trains were running slowly, I’m amazed no one’s been killed.


Blue and Orange line service has been suspended between Federal Triangle and Farragut West due to the earlier incident of a person struck by a train.

Becoming glad I drove today.

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The Metroblogging DC Carol Singers Present….

A little something we’ve been working on to entertain you, our beloved readers.

The Twelve Days of Christmas in DC

On the twelfth day of Christmas that I spent in DC….

Twelve metbloggers blogging*
Eleven drunk Hill interns
Ten streets a-closing
Nine trains a-crashing,
Eight snipers sniping,
Seven protesters protesting,
Six monuments jutting,
Five traffic tickets!
Four AOL nerds
Three squabbling bus drivers
Two raging bums
and they lit the National Christmas tree!

*Actually, there are 13 of us, but we ran out of verses.

Also, be sure to see the 12 Threads of DC’s Craigslist.

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Drop Cropp! (And Avoid Stadium Taxes!)

There’s now an Official Campaign to Recall Linda Cropp.

Now, the path to a recall is no cakewalk, they’d have to get 10% of the DC electorate, plus another 10% of people in 5 of the 8 wards, to oust her. But, really, I expect we could find that many baseball fans in our number.


In interest to equal shares of time, there is also a website (with a sincerely great name) against publicly funded stadiums that is covering this very same issue, Field of Schemes.


(Really, we’re doing our best to represent both sides, and yes, it’s deeply killing me to write the above phrase.)

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An Open Letter

Dear Anti-Bush protester type people:

I realize that you are especially discontented with the outcome of this election, and feel that as a result, you must protest at the inauguration. Democracy thrives on the presence of many voices, so good for you. Dress warmly, and wear layers. But I have one simple request.

Don’t be assholes.

Oh yes, I realize that you have a Constitutionally-protected right to be assholes, but just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. On Inauguration Day, thousands upon thousands of people will be trying to get to work or otherwise go about their lives. Most of these people didn’t vote for George W. Bush anyway. We will be picking our way through the congestion caused by tighter security, there will likely be bomb-sniffing dogs on the Metro and extra snipers situated around the festivities. Streets will be cordoned off for the parade and accompanying protests. We will experience higher-than-normal levels of commute frustration as traffic, security measures, and tourons will be at their highest level in 4 years. So don’t feel that you have to add to the confusion by trying to block streets that haven’t already been cordoned off for your safety, obstruct people from passing on sidewalks, screaming at passers-by, or otherwise making a nuisance of yourself.

You see, the seat of US national government is also our home. So don’t crap on our couch, okay?


(Originally posted to Quibbling.net)

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Cropp Stuns Mayor With Baseball Package

Council Chairman Linda Cropp stunned Mayor Williams with a late amendment to change the requirements for funding to include a requirement for 50% private funding for the new baseball stadium.

This does, however, jeopardize MLB’s return to the District. The deal that MLB had with the Mayor was for a new stadium, built with public funds, in the District. Now, it appears, that deal is off. What this means for the Nationals, I don’t know. But it does mean I’ll be snapping up a couple extra hats for when the team is moved away from DC shortly hereafter thanks to the assholatry of the DC Council

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DC’s Bastard Child of an Airport

Washington Dulles, a bizarre concoction of an airport, provides this town with the majority of its international travel, and according to a columnist from the Financial Times, “an airport in chaos – think Calcutta, Nairobi or any other erstwhile Third World hell hole, where to get on or off a flight was often an achievement in itself, and you have Dulles. ”

I could not agree more!

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Pentagon Metro Evacuated…

According to the WMATA Site and DC Alerts, the Pentagon Metro Station and Bus Terminal is closed to investigate a potential Hazmat situation:

The Pentagon station is closed to investigate a potential hazmat situation. Hazmat experts are responding to the scene. No trains are permitted to go through the station. Trains are turning back at Arlington Cemetery and Pentagon City.

The Pentagon Bus Transit Center is also temporarily closed. Free bus shuttle service is being established to take Bus Transit Center customers Pentagon City to catch their buses there.

I so love living in this town sometimes…

[Update] via DC Alerts:
The Pentagon METRO Station has been cleared for re-opening. It was determined that cleaning solvents triggered the chemical sensors. The station will be under normal operating conditions momentarily.

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International Political Celebrities

Abdelhaleem Ashqar has been certified as a candidate in the upcoming Palestinian elections to choose a successor to Yasser Arafat.

What does this have to do with DC?

Ashqar will be campaigning from Alexandria, VA, where he’s currently under house arrest on racketeering charges.

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Nationals’ Move is Official!

Major League Baseball’s owners have voted to approve the move of the Expos to Washington, DC for the 2005 season, over the objection of Orioles’ owner (and chief sour-grapes consumer) Peter Angelos. Full Season ticket packages are currently on sale, and single-game and partial-season packages are expected to go on sale early in the new year.

RFK’s already under renovation for the start of the season in April. Spring training tickets haven’t been announced, but with other teams beginning to announce their ticket information for the Grapefruit and Cactus league games, it’s just a matter of time. Hooray for baseball!

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A New Stadium

The City Council, in a pitched debate, approved the initial steps toward a new baseball-only stadium in Southeast along the Anacostia Riverfront yesterday. The council voted 6-4 in favor of the new stadium, but a final vote in mid-December will keep the Mayor on his toes. It’s a half billion dollar package that was necessary to appease enough of the council with local funding for libraries and schools.

Here’s hoping the Nationals don’t Suck.

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