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The Washington Post Sunday Magazine is now accepting photo submissions from its readers:

Photography’s history can be traced through the evolution of cameras — large-view cameras, hand-held box cameras, the Leica, the Polaroid, the Instamatic. Today’s photography is ruled by picture phones and pocket-friendly digital cameras, and the pairing of them with the Internet has given us the “photoblog,” an online version of the photo album.

Photoblogs provide us with a glimpse of the digital photographers’ world — the parties they attend, the places they work, the neighborhoods they live in, their families and their friends. This new feature, Blog City, will be about all that, too, showing you the best shots from your photo-blogging neighbors.

This weekend’s Post Magazine included photos from local photobloggers Matthew Bradley, Matt Billings, Chris Chen, Kevin Davis, and Loun-Loun Chua.

To submit your photos, they must be 8×10 at 300dpi (so, roughly 3 megapixels), and you may send three per month to

You can bet that I’ll be sending on some of mine.

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