Ten Things To Do With Mom

It’s summer in DC, which means your family is coming into town & you have to entertain them. While the museums on the Mall will busy them for a bit, after a while you’ll need more than directions to the Hirshorn to keep them outta the house.

Here’s a few suggests from my own family-fun odyssey in DC keeping my folks happy.

  1. Nuttin like Kickball on the National Mall
  2. For the adventurous – Tuesday Drag Queen Bingo at Chaos
  3. A summer picnic with all your friends too
  4. Listening to Ft. Reno summer concerts
  5. Watching Screen on the Green
  6. Cheering for their favorite Triathlete
  7. Renting a rowboat at Fletcher’s Boat House
  8. Flip cupping with grandma
  9. Showing them the sights in Bike DC
  10. And my fav; people watching in Dupont Circle

Got any suggestions to add?

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