Flush beats a straight

Walking in my door last night after a long swim at the pool, what do I spy in my dinning room but a full fledged poker game! Chips piled high, beer bottles scattered low, and cards flying all around, my housemate, Francis, had Texas Hold ‘em happening on our kitchen table.

Tossing in a $20, I took my chips and started the killing. Leading off with dumb questions (So how do I deal, again?) and bad bets (What? A pair of 3′s didn’t win?) I had fun with Frances’ poker crew till I pulled out the can of Vegas-learned whoop-ass.

In no short order, I cleaned out two of the five players with straights, flushes, and a full house. It was then down to just three and with an all-in before the flop, one player tried to go for gold with a pair of Queens. I had only an ace and 6, but even his all-in didn’t touch my original $20 so I called him. My housemate, the other player left, went all in too, just barely matching the pot. Over went the flop to the river and when the smoke cleared, Francis won with a pair of kings.

Knowing when to fold them, I called it a night, leaving the table with my original $20 as Francis counted up $120 and went to buy beer. Yeah, he’s stocking the beer fridge this month!

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