Thirsty & Stinky Yet Again


Screw tipsy, now I’m angry. I just went to take a shower, to wash off the smoke of JR’s Show Tune Night (please, dear God, Smoke Free DC) and instead of nice hot water when I turn the faucet, all I get is the sucking sound of empty pipes.

This is the fourth time in a year that I’ve come home to a water-free existence. I don’t know if I should blame WASA or my apartment building for this outage, but I’m feeling like its WASA yet again. Love ya houses with kids, but I could care less about the lead problem. Buy a Brita fools. Its the lack of water outright that ticks me off. I’ve had more reliable service in Third World backwaters like Ulaan Baator and Kampala than this nation’s capital.

Ugh, to bed I go yet again, showerless and grumpy. Thanks for nuttin WASA.

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