Snoozing on the 42


Oh its late and I am downtown. Way past my bedtime on a weeknight, and I am drunk. This is not new, nor unusual, no this is normal for me. I do this often and so I have a plan for home delivery.

Rather than taking a $8 cab ride, using $8 that I could spend on tomorrow night’s drinks, I take the 42 bus. I love the 42. Not only does it wander through all the good spots in town, the last stop is right next to may apartment building. Steps away from the bus stop, which I always love on nights like tonight.

Before I get there though, I’m gonna take a nap. Yep, sleep on the bus. The gentle rocking, the slight sway when folks leave, its a perfect motion, that combines with the engine noise lullaby, has me snoozing by the second stop. Snoozing till the driver walks the bus at my stop, waking me so I can stumble home.

Yeah, I love snoozing on the 42.

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