Running for Change – Summer Shindig

Back in the day, when I thought I could make a difference, I Ran Against Bush. Now that he’s up for another four long years, I’m a bit jaded. I can’t really bring myself to Drinking Liberally vs. just drink till I’m snoozing on the 42.nice shirt

Still, you might have some fight left in ya. In that case, don’t despair, Run Against Bush is now Running for Change and they’re having a Summer Kick-off to fight Bush’s Supreme Court nominee.

So before you hit DC’s Best 80′s Party, come to the Blue Room this Saturday from 7-10pm to Reconnect with old friends or make some new ones, and drown your sorrows with some stiff drinks as we mourn what the Republicans are doing to the country.

Adam Shah from Alliance for Justice will tell you how evil John Roberts really is and they’ll have some great FREE prizes a silent auction, including gift certificates worth up to $100 from area vendors.

Me, I’ll be doing my own version of the running man, still in my blue Run Against Bush shirt.

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