DC Tri Club Sprint Tri #4

You notice this cool weather? Realize its gonna be nice all weekend? Then its time for you to work off all those beer + lime + ice drinks and come out to the DC Tri Club Sprint Tri #4.

That’s right, this Sunday July 31, at Haines Point registration for the race starts a 6:00am, with the first swimmers hitting the pool at 7am. Its $5 for DC Tri members, and if you beg really nicely, they might even let non-members participate after you learn the secret DC Tri Club handshake.

Then the real fun will begin. You have a 400 meter pool swim, 18 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run ahead of you, with guys like me behind you, breathing down your neck with the speed and skills we learned in NYC Olympic Triathlons. Don’t let that intimidate ya though, we’ll all be cheering each other on, because that’s what the DC Tri Club is about.

Look for the club tent near the entrance to the golf course parking lot on the Washington Channel Side and give me high-five. We’ll both need it to wake & sober up first.

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