Every so often there is commotion about building a new MLK library in downtown DC. The current library is a mess, not so much for its design, which is actually pretty open and nice, but due to the complete lack of maintenance or simple TLC given to it since, oh 1975. Inside, the carpets are worn, the books missing or torn, and the staff sad and wanting.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are a slew of developers who are dying to trade a brand new library for the prime block that the current library occupies. They’ll build a new library as part of an overall block re-design that will add office space around the library. I think this is a great way for DC to upgrade its library at little or no cost to the city.

Still, I actually question the need for a library to begin with. Now before I have a mob torching me in effigy, I have a very simple question to ask

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