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More support for New Orleans

As news continues to come in from New Orleans and surrounds, and things continue to get worse, a story from one of our writers in New Orleans, now safe in Memphis:

At this point it’s pretty clear that nothing will be left when, and if, we return. Right now water is probably up to the roof of our Mid-City house, which I bought last year. Knowing this, the questions in my head are about the future of my job, where I will stay if I choose to return, and of course, how long it will be before any sense of normalcy returns to my life. It will probably be years. I’m seriously considering the option of giving it all up and starting anew somewhere else. Given the heartache that’s going to follow, and the reality that a repeat of this event could happen someday, it’s something worth thinking about.

WWL is reporting that residents of Jefferson Parish may not be allowed back in for over a month:

Residents will probably be allowed back in town in a week, with identification only, but only to get essentials and clothing. You will then be asked to leave and not come back for one month.

Can you imagine Fairfax County blocked off for over a month?

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Katrina Benefit Happy Hour

We may be getting soaked in a bit thanks to the storm-formerly-known-as-Hurricane-Katrina, but the folks down in the Big Easy are still trying to drain their city from several feet of water. DCist pointed out this benefit happy hour happening on Thursday:

DC JazzFest Happy Hour
To help raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina
Thursday September 1, 2005
6pm – 9pm
1223 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20036
$25 (includes a Premium Liquor Open Bar and music)

If you’re feeling like you should lend a hand, and drinking is your fort

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School Days

This morning I felt a wave of nostalgia as I watched the yellow-slickered crossing guard shepherd little kids in their uniforms across the street to Garrison Elementary. As usual I was waiting for the bus, sighing at the prospect of another dreary day at work. Maybe it was the contrast between the guard’s maternally bright smile and the gloomy overcast skies, but it’s funny how you can feel nostalgia for school where once you felt apprehensive dread…

Good luck this year, kids!

(and for someone as ZPG as me to say that, you know I’m suffering from serious sentimentality overload!)

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Sandwich Nation

There are all kinds of regional sandwiches- the cheesesteak, the Primanti’s sammich (pictured here), the po’ boy, assorted varieties of barbecue between bread, etc.

We were pondering last night (between rounds of an entirely too long pub quiz) that there is no real sandwich culture in DC. Our culinary options are man- some celebrity chef whose name escapes me once said that while there are more restaurants per capita in New York City, DC has more different kinds of food than almost anywhere else. But they tend toward either the diverse and ethnic, or the paid-for-by-lobbyists.

Meanwhile, my trip to Primanti’s in my hometown this weekend has left me pining for a good sandwich. Suggestions?

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How to help

The levee has been breached in New Orleans and the city is under water. Biloxi, MS is covered in water, mud, and debris. Dozens of people have lost their lives and thousands have likely lost their homes.

But the worst we’re going to see here is some severe storms tonight and tomorrow. So it’s time to pony up to help, people. The Post provides a handy list of organizations in need of money for Katrina relief.

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Upcoming.org Group


Ever since Meetup.com went for-pay, the world’s been short a good way to handle good group meetings, but no longer. As of today, Upcoming.org supports groups!

Go join our Upcoming.org group!

We’ll be having a Happy Hour next week that once it’s scheduled will go into the group. We hope to see all our readers there!

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You should NOT be here now.

Back in the day, before Internet jukeboxes, you knew the kinda tunes you’d hear in a bar. You know what was in its jukebox and could rest assured you’d hear tunes to your liking while you’re drinking. I miss those days.

I miss them much since I’m sitting in the Big Hunt right now and someone has a serious love of seriously depressing country music tunes. These songs of wives and dogs leaving men, and them missing the dogs are killing my mood. I’m not talking Johnny Cash here, but some current swill who is polluting my ears. Please folks, if you wanna hear country, go to Remington’s.

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Comcast Sucks!

That’s it. That does it. After six months of crap signal, Comcast is out. Everyone’s comments on their RCN experience helped, but its today’s struggle with Cloak and Dagger that put me over the top. yep

The classic 80′s movie is coming in like poo, with the signal dying every five-ten minutes, right at the good parts. I wanna see little Davey Osborne outsmart the bad guys & the tear jerk ending where Jack Flack turns out to be Dad better not get Comcasted!

To help ya, Comcasted = unwatchable pixilation like on Morris here.

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Giant Rat

It’s not every day you walk by a window office and see a giant rat staring at you from the sidewalk. Intrigued, I abandoned my window-less cave and headed for 13th St. Sure enough, there was a line of protestors chanting and screaming in unison about the poor standards of Tri-Con Construction.

These did not look like carpenters. They looked like a bunch of people that were assembled willy-nilly off the street and offered a chance to protest-for-food.

But apparently that didn’t matter to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters, they just needed people to draw attention to their cause by raising a ruckus on 13th St.

I have to ask, though, where exactly does one find a giant inflatible rat? I mean, surely DC is the obvious choice for such a location, what with all our lobbyists, lawyers, and politicians, but who thought this up? Where can you rent a giant rat? I totally want to park one in front of a certain apartment complex…

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A Close Encounter

As I was waiting for the bus to go home yesterday, a tall man asked me if the 66 had passed yet.

I should have known instantly from his eyes, but I was tired.

So when he struck up a conversation with me, I half-heartedly responded. He was wearing a lightweight Indian-style shirt and joked that he dressed like that to freak out tourists into thinking he was a terrorist. Whatever. I yawned. Checked my text messages. He’s quite handsome, I thought, but a little too intense.

And then, it finally kicked in.

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Chasing Aaron Pointer

There’s an infielder at AAA New Orleans chasing after a nearly 45 year old record; his name is Rick Short, and he’s pushing the .400 mark. In 1961, Aaron Pointer hit .401 for the season, the last minor-leaguer to do it. As of yesterday, Rick Short is hitting .389, but he’s got several games left against the hapless Iowa Cubs, which could put him over the top. There’s a great article on Rick in yesterday’s Post. Part of me wants to let him stay in New Orleans to finish the season and break the 44 year drought, but part of me thinks we ought to send down Cristian Guzman for a while and give Rick a chance.

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Have we no civility?

I nearly broached the first rule of the Metro this morning: I nearly spoke to the passengers around me. I came in later than usual this morning, hopping the 7 toward the Pentagon after construction began on my bathroom renovation. A four car blue line train arrived shortly after I did, and it was off into the city. That’s when I saw her. A lovely woman in her late twenties, about four or five months pregnant. Standing in the aisle. With four well-dressed gentlemen seated.

People, it may be August, there may be fewer people in town than usual, and Congress is out of session, hell even the President’s on vacation, but there is NO EXCUSE for a gentleman to be seated on the Metro when a pregnant woman is standing. None. The four of you in the aisle seats just around yourself should be ashamed of yourselves. Worse still, when a lady got up, ostensibly to allow the pregnant woman to be seated, another bozo in a suit took the vacant seat.

What the fuck, people. I mean, I really want to know, what the fuck? Can you tell me what the fuck?

But no, I stayed silent, shooting disapproving glares to all the suits in the aisle seats. I hope karma gave you food poisoning, you discourteous fops.

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Avoiding The Hill…

Today everyone at work is talking about the Capitol Lounge burning down, and they all seem to have a personal connection or story about their glory days there.

In my fifteen years or so of living here, I’ve actually never been inside the place. Nothing purposeful about that, really, it just never happened.

So I starting thinking about Capitol Hill in general, and how I just don’t ever go there anymore – to eat, to drink, whatever. Then I realized, with a bit of a shock, that all my memories of that area are negative, many quite painful.

So here are my Top Five Reasons I Don’t Go to The Hill:

1) I told my boss I was leaving the company at Cafe Berlin, and she started to cry into her lunchtime spritzer.

2) I started temping at Pardoe on Pennsylvania Avenue the same day a story broke about their possible racial discrimination, and had to handle all the violent incoming calls.

3) My then-boyfriend got into a brawl at Hawk & Dove on St. Patrick’s Day, and later was pulled over for DUI. Needless to say, he wasn’t Irish.

4) Being told “I love you” at Two Quail, and realizing I couldn’t say it back.

5) Totalling my car into a cab on Constitution.

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BRAC says “Closed”

Walter Reed Army Medical Center will be closing after the Base Realignment Committee voted to move its jobs outside the Beltway. Those 9,000 jobs will be sent to Quantico, Fort Belvoir, Fort Meade, and the Bethesda Naval Hospital. Though concerns were raised about the increased traffic due to 9,000 additional drivers, the base hospital was not saved. There’s still a chance to save the base in its entirety, but that would require President Bush to actually Veto something, which he’s yet to do in his 4+ years in office.

BRAC has yet to rule on the DoD jobs in Northern Virginia inside the Beltway.

So, what now? What do you do with a closed military hospital? My condo community (ugly website alert) was built out of old military housing and is some of the last “cheap” real estate in Arlington County. Could we do the same sort of thing, create a residential community in DC with that land?

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Sir Sidney’s Got a Drinking Problem

Well, if the one DUI charge down in Florida wasn’t enough to scare Sidney Ponson straight, perhaps his new DUI charge in Maryland will do the trick. Of course, he might just beat up the judge like he did in Aruba.

Of course, I’d be drinking too if I hadn’t won a start since the middle of June, or pitched in a game since the beginning August, but I think I’d be smart enough to get someone to drive me home from the bar, instead of trying it myself. But hey, that’s just me, I guess.

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Is $60 too good to be true?

Right now my housemate and I pony up something like $150 clams for Cable + Internet from Comcast. That’s much beer money in this Majestic household, maybe too much. I’ve seen the ads and I just checked, we can get RCN if we want. My question to you is simple: Will RCN connect me to something more than Comcast?

With Comcast we usually get flickering premium channels, and only get the digital music channels when there is a lunar occultation of Jupiter. Is RCN any better? While I like RCN’s current $60 Cable + Phone + Internet deal (Nationals games!) is it even worth the hassle of changing? Have you done it & are you happy?

An uber Geek needs to know…

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Your Thursday Night Options

Yes, its Party Planner Wayan, back again with another Thursday night line-up for your drinking pleasure.

First up we have a new entrant to the Thursday night Happy Hour scene, one that I’m not convinced is worth the $10-15 cover and mandatory RSVP, or list of intricate rules to escape either. Still, a Brazilian Sunset Samba Happy Hour and Dance Party, complete with a limbo contest, does sound like fun, and the Hilton Embassy Row Rooftop location cannot be beat. I only wish they could figure out better ad copy than the vaguely sleazy-sounding “social networking and connecting with beautiful and diverse International Professionals.”
Hilton Washington Embassy Row, 2015 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
6:30-10PM, $10 with RSVP/$13 without RSVP

Next you can show your support for the AIDS Marathon in Honolulu by Learning How to Hula for a Good Cause Happy Hour. There will be an extended happy hour, including drink specials, a free taco bar, a hula demonstration and great raffle prizes from local businesses. “Great” being relative when prizes are one pound bags of Starbucks coffee and free lei’s.
The Front Page, 4201 Wilson Blvd, Arlington,VA
5:00pm to 8:00pm, $10 minimum donation requested

Perennial party-makers Professionals in the City are having a 35 Plus Evening Cruise on the Potomac, which sounds “great” until you realize what that means. Namely, that you’ll be trapped on a boat in the Potomac for three hours, with either Diane from Accounting or Bill from IT Support stalking you from bow to stern with tales of their psycho ex or jail-bound kids. I suggest wearing clothes you can swim in as an emergency escape plan.
Boat leaves from Washington Harbor (in Georgetown) 3050 K Street, N.W
7:30 PM – 10:00 PM, $20.00 if purchased in advance

Last but not least, there is a new club in town, kstreet, which is opening tonight. If you know the special handshake, or subscribe to DC Collective or PartySlave, you can to get in on the opening night for free before Midnight. Everyone else will have to pay a $10 cover charge. Now if you are willing to guarenttee at least a $500, you can reserve a tale and have “faster table service through the use of handheld wireless technology.” I wonder if that means the servers have pagers, or are we talking some cool Google Hack?
kstreet, 1301 K Street, NW
10pm, $10 cover without email printout

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City’s Changes

Let’s say you have a friend coming in tomorrow night, a former college buddy of your husband’s, who left DC in the late 90′s for a jetsetting life of international intrigue.

Where would you take him for a night on the town?

Primary objective: Show him the many changes DC has undergone since his Barry-era college days.

Secondary objective: Prove DC has made some progress in it’s 21st century quest to be more stylish, hip, and funky.

Need ideas for drinks, dinner, and more drinks…
Where would you go to show off the city’s changing vibe?

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