A long day at CVS

Here’s a news flash for those around McPherson Square:

The CVS at 15th & K streets NW, Store #2075, has only one working register.

Yep, only one, as the rest are malfunctioning. And the working one, at the photo center, can’t process Debit Cards. So if you’re headed out for say, Poland Spring Water and Planters Mixed Nuts (buy one, get one for $0.01!), you might wanna head to the Rite Aid at 15th and L Streets NW.

Oh and pity the folks who need a prescription from there today. They will be expecting something extra as not even the pharmacy register is working and the lights in the store keep flickering on a off. Rumor is the store might be haunted.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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