Landmark Shell to the Rescue

Now this is nice. A gas station I could spend time at. Not more than it takes me to fill a Honda Civic gas tank mind you, but still a pleasurable time.

Its the Landmark Shell (previously the Landmark Texaco) at 6286 Little River Parkway in Alexandria, VA. Here, S. Akram Ali is doing Shell proud, with a clean station on the corner of Little River and Beauregard Street that is a model of civility on a Tuesday night.

Good tunes are playing from the speakers at the gas pumps, there are new and working window squeegees to use, and even shiny bathrooms for patrons. Their product is still smelly, polluting gasoline, which will soon be fouling the air and lungs of Washington, but for this moment, when buying it, the Landmark Shell is worthy of praise. Thanks! Now how ’bout switching to hydrogen?

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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