Old: Bus Stop – New: Transit Shelter

Woohoo! Here good news for those of us keeping car free DC. From the WashPost:

Clear Channel Outdoor and D.C. transportation officials announced that the Phoenix-based advertising company will install 788 bus shelters throughout the District. Officials said the bus shelters will have up-to-the-minute bus-arrival information and will be linked to a Web-based monitoring system that will track operations and maintenance of the shelters.

Now isn’t that cool? Bus stops with bus arrival information, so you know how long you have to wait. And check out the different stylish shelters they should be putting up. Now there is only one little catch to get all this by 2009 at no cost to the D.C. Department of Transportation: a contract that gives Clear Channel Outdoor exclusive rights to advertising at the new shelters for the next 20 years.

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