A Guppy Dad recommendation

I love Wally’s Aquarium. Back when I wasn’t car free DC, I would head out to Wally’s at least once a month to fish-shop. They have a great selection of fish gear and the service is amazing. When I became a proud guppy dad, they helped me with much of my stress and worry, and now I have guppies galore.

If you’re jonesing for your own guppy family, or really wanna get crazy and challenge The Reef in its salt-water glory, head on down there. Better yet, sign up for Wally’s email list and you can get deals like this one:

Bring in this e-mail and take 30% off all the fish you can handle. Good only Aug. 18 – Aug. 21 This includes freshwater and saltwater.
WALLY’S AQUARIUM: 6493 Little River Tnpk, Alexandria, Va 22312

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