Redskins Metro Parking Work-Around

Welcome back Redskins fans! Now get ready to pay more. WMATA is gonna charge folks who park at the station lots at Morgan Boulevard or Largo Town Center, then walk to the stadium, $25 for the privilege. This is comparable to what the team charges in its lots, but unlike the team lots, there is a way out: Anyone whose SmarTrip card shows a subway ride within two hours of leaving the lot will only pay the regular parking charge.

So my dear car-loving football fans, save yourself $20 the easy way, ride the metro from one lot to the other before and after the game. Say you parked at Morgan Boulevard. Then Metro to Largo, walk to the game, and after the game walk back to Largo & metro to Morgan. Poof! You just paid $6.20 for parking, ($3.50 parking + 2.70 for the metro ride) instead of the full $25.

And while I’d much rather you actually Metro all the way to/from the game, just remember, you read about this Metro hack here first.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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