Save Dr. Dremo’s!

As we’ve said before, Dr. Dremo’s, the seriously dive bar at Courthouse might be closing in early 2006.

Elm Street Development wants to buy the Dremo (and Taco Bell) property to build a 10 floor high rise. The current zoning only allows buildings of a 2 floor height and the neighbors are not excited about a new high-rise at Courthouse. Us alcoholics need to speak our minds too. We would surely miss Dremo’s. Where else would we have Flip Cup Tournaments?

The county board meeting to consider changing the zoning to allow a 10 floor building will be at 9am, Saturday morning, at the County Board Room, Room 307, 2100 Clarendon Blvd. Its open to for public comment, so sober up and get down there!

Afterwards, you can toast your challenge to the man with Abita Purple Haze. Dr. Dremo’s beer distributor has assured them that the Abita brewery will not experience an interruption in production due to hurricane Katrina.

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