Save Serenity for DVD

Tonight I saw a pre-screening of Serenity, a new movie, free just so I’d write about it. The corporate shills say I should quote some industry crap for my free swag. Yeah, and they also say that DRM (digital rights management) is good for me. Enough of that.

Serenity is a new sci-fi movie that can best be described as a cross between Unforgiven and Star Wars. With a futuristic world & space battle right out of Return of the Jedi and dialogue that would even make Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves wince, futuristic space-folk still battled with old-school pistols, even Samurai swords, while trying to bring truth to the galaxy.

The psycho girl was fun, and there were very funny moments in the film, but for $35, the cost for two plus popcorn and drinks, I say save your dosh. A six-drink night at Wonderland will get you in her bed faster, with the DVD saved for a winter night at your place.

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