Condescension: At The Bus Stop

At the Bus Stop

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There’s nothing like seeing something like this on flickr to make you wonder about this city. Whether the people who “understand” the civil divide can be more of an asshole, I’m not really all that sure, but I can say that this one’s got me shaking my head.

What is it about this town’s hipsters that make them feel the need to be literally so much better? I mean, if we post about a 9:30 club show that was “sekrit”, then we get yelled at for not letting “true fans” gets a ticket. Right. When the 9:30 club is giving out twice as many tickets to radio stations instead of selling them to “true fans.”

And of course, this, where it intimates that if you like to hang out in Dupont or Chevy Chase or Georgetown instead of Anacostia or Southeast, somehow you’re a bad person. Is it too much to ask for a little bit of reality these days? I guess so.

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