Weekend in Hell

Hopefully by now you’re figured out a costume, I gave you plenty of warning, but have you figured out your party location? I’m still doing a bit of a last-minute party shuffle, balancing proximity to home with expected talent levels with an inebriation variable that’s expected to be high.

While I was thinking house party, I think plans will change yet again. Party Slave, a DC promoter, is talking up their Weekend in Hell par-tay Saturday night at ZucchaBar. They’re are giving away 3500 dollars worth of prizes and a Half Price Bar 8pm-10pm with free admission if you RSVP. Or as they put it so succinctly:

Forget that 10, 20 or 50+ charge you pay for any other party. Why pay that for some lame party when you can rockstar with us, get in for Free and spend it on 16oz cocktails?

And it looks like I’m not the only one impressed by their promo. The Wash Post slapped their seal of approval with this write-up:

Every now and then, someone sends us info for an event that makes us scratch our heads and ask, “Why didn’t anyone else think of this before?” The latest in this category is a Halloween party at Zucchabar called “Bridezilla,” with cash prizes for the best “Bride from Hell” or “Bridesmaid from Hell” costume. It’s organized by PartySlave, which has promoted James Bond parties at Vida and Cafe Asia and the ongoing ’80s nights at Zucchabar. Besides half-price drinks from 8 to 10, the night promises wandering magicians, human statues, giveaways of vouchers and a $1,000 Mexican vacation from STA Travel, and way too much taffeta. – Fritz Hahn (Washington Post)

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