Planing Ahead – NYE 2005/6

Now that Halloween has passed, what’s the next major holiday you’re thinking about? Maybe Thanksgiving if you’re thinking ahead, or even Christmas if you plan long range, but New Years? I mean really, do you know what you doing this New Year’s already? Can you make plans 60 days in advance like that?

Well things to do sure hopes you can. They’re already hyping their NYE Global Gala 2006 when its still shorts & t-shirt weather and my Halloween pumpkin is still fresh. Granted, I’ve yet to carve my pumpkin, so I might procrastinate a tad, but who out there is already slapping down $145 for 9 internationally themed party rooms, even if they are at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel? And if you are, what does that say about your OCD?

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