Freecycle DC your Crossbow too

There’s been a Crossbow hanging out in my living room for a year now. My housemate’s, it was never used and now he’s gone, leaving the Crossbow behind. It was destined for the Dumpster until the new housemate convinced me to try and sell it. Three weeks on Craigslist and my website, five emails of interest, and only one viewing later, I’ve given up trying to sell it. Now it has one week on Freecycle DC before Dumpster-time.

Freecycle DC, which serves the environmentally aware and responsive community, is pretty cool. With simple basics, Keep it free, legal, and appropriate for all ages, and a mission to help reduce consumption and waste by connecting people who are throwing away items with others who are seeking the same, they keep computers, furniture, clothing, magazines, sporting equipment, and the stuff in your closet, out of the landfill by passing it along to a new home.

The only rules: OFFERs must include a District of Columbia pickup location. Limit of 1 WANTED post per week per member.

So come, Freecycle DC with me.

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