A plain insane plan – Rush Hour to IKEA

My housemate and I are contemplating new furniture for the place now that we’ve ditched the Crossbow, and an IKEA run has come up as one option. Not wanting to burn a weekend, like Tom did, we were thinking alternate plans. Or well I was, Lyle just plain went insane with this missive:

let’s do it. let’s go to ikea after work and get some stuff to re-do the kitchen. i know what we need – i’ll be quick and easy. be back in time for going out or whatever else. here’s what i’m thinkin: we leave at 6, back by 8. not a lot of traffic up 16th street at that hour, 495 for 8 miles or so, in and out of ikea. back before you know it. we do it now and it’s done.

What! Hit 495 at 6pm for 8 miles? That’s two hours in its self. The fool is too green to DC to know any better, but I’m not about to endure the pain of rush hour while he learns the lesson – never drive rush hour! My better plan – Saturday morning, right when IKEA opens, before the madness starts, or late at night, right before it closes, long after the rush hour is gone.

If you had to go to IKEA – and we all hope we never do – when would you go? And which one is better; Potomac Mills or College Park?

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