Glutton-Size Me

Do you think you can eat, and I mean really eat? You thinking a whole turkey for yourself next week? Or a dozen pumpkin pies? And do you think you can out-eat your friends and neighbours?

Before you get bloated, read about Sonya Thomas of Alexandria, Competitive Eating’s “The Black Widow“. This woman can eat you under the table. We’re talking 7 and 3/4 pounds of Tur-duck-en (chicken, wrapped in duck, wrapped in turkey) in 12 minutes. Desert? That’s 11 pounds of cheesecake in nine minutes.

How does she do it? Well the Wash Post article says:

Thomas insists that she keeps all of her food down and that she developed her stomach’s seemingly limitless capacity primarily by drinking three 42-ounce diet Cokes every day during her shift as manager at the Burger King at Andrews Air Force Base. Many people think she purges, “but it’s not the truth,” Thomas said. “They don’t understand how you can expand inside the stomach, how you can train.” Thomas said she digests her food within eight to 12 hours after a competition and has never become sick.

And now you have a goal for this Thanksgiving. Just be sure Mom is there with a bucket – Elvis may have to leave the building!

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