And the Chaos Begins

For those hoping for a quick exit from DC today, good luck. A tanker truck caught on fire on I-95 between DC and Baltimore already this morning. AP reported that:

Traffic was snarled around the nation’s capital early Wednesday after a tanker truck carrying 8,700 gallons of gasoline exploded on Interstate 95 on one of the busiest travel days of the year.
The truck driver was able to escape unharmed after he noticed one of his rear wheels burning as he headed south from Baltimore around 5 a.m. EST.

The driver escaped unharmed, eh? Yeah, only because he ran into the bushes and hid till the cops came. I’d think if he had that fire at 5pm, he’d be tossed into the flames by those stuck behind him.

Also noted in the article is the newest name for Friendship Airport. I still think the folks responsible for the tongue-twisting “Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport” should be tossed into the flames of the next truck fire. At least they didn’t desecrate it like our other two airports – naming it after CIA Directors or Alzheimers Presidents.

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